You might have established a loyal following through your website, blog, or Youtube
channel, but you can only get so far. As an affiliate marketer, you have to make sure
that you do whatever it takes to help you reach the top and earn as many commissions
as possible.

In order for you to gain traction in the online world, you not only have to make sure that
you implement the right SEO strategies, but you also have to leverage social media to
your advantage as well.

Today, I am going to cite the reasons why social media and affiliate marketing actually
go hand-in-hand.

It is Actually Free

Signing up for a social media account is absolutely free and that is one of the main
reasons why you can use the platform to help improve your affiliate marketing game.
Although there are features that will require you to spend money; most of the features
that you will need are free of charge.

Making social posts, tweets, liking, sharing, and posting your affiliate links are actually
free, although the latter needs to be done with absolute care so as to not get banned.

Total Control

No matter what type of platform you wish to use for your efforts, you have full and total
control of them. When you allot a couple of hours of your time each day to help improve
your social media visibility, you can actually use the platform to help improve your
website’s traffic as well.

It is Popular

Another reason why social media goes hand-in-hand with affiliate marketing is that a lot
of people use it. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you can bet that your
target audience is always using the same platforms as well.

And, what better way to promote your blog, Youtube channel, or website than having to
post specific links on your social accounts, right?

It is Safe to Place Links on Your Socials

Google has changed its algorithm when it comes to link sharing, particularly how it’s
done over the internet.

Gone are the days where you can simply post your affiliate links without shortening it on
your social media accounts. You can still post your affiliate links, provided that you
make use of a URL shortener for that purpose.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that all of your links should be checked and
approved, meaning, that you have personally tried the links yourself and it redirects
specifically to your partner merchant’s product page instead of somewhere else.

It Helps You Reach Your Target Audience Much Faster
The beauty of social media is that you can reach your target audience much faster so
long as you know what to do.

If you are using Facebook, for example, it would be wise for you to create your own
business page and highlight your blog or website from there. Then, using your business
account, you can post links of your content on the page itself so that it can be seen by a
lot of people; thus, helping you gain more website traffic in the process.