1. Familiarize yourself with different watch movements.

In order to end up with the perfect watch, you need to research first before finalizing your
purchase. Looking for watches for women in Malaysia can be overwhelming. There are tons of
brands and models to choose from. Which one do you think should you get? Would you go for
an automatic, quartz or mechanical watch? The most common choices for women nowadays are
automatic and quartz timepieces.

2. Decide on your preferred material.

A dress watch must complement the complexion of the wearer. Most timepieces have a metal
case that protects its delicate insides. One of the most popular choices in the market is stainless
steel. If you want to go for a more elegant look, purchase silver or gold watches.

3. Get a timepiece with interchangeable bands.

More and more brands are making removable watch straps. Multiple strands offer the wearer
some versatility. Usually, in a package, three other colors are included, in addition to the
standard leather one. Since you have these options, mixing and matching to your clothes would
be a lot easier. You can wear the metallic one for dressier events, while the leather watch band
goes to the more casual looks.

4. Wear the watch with the right outfit.

Make sure to choose a watch that perfectly matches your own personal style. Are you an
outgoing lady who loves the beauty of the outdoors? Ask yourself similar questions, and let the
answers to these questions guide your buying decision. Take into account your line of work and your entire lifestyle.

5. Choose the right watch case size.

The typical size of a women’s case is around 34mm, or smaller sizes. Though, with the ever-
changing fashion trends, sizing has increased to around 60mm. These are very huge watch faces.
Get a timepiece that stands out from the rest. If you are a petite woman with a small wrist, get a
small case with cool standard straps.