Do you want the baby in your tummy to be happy and healthy? Well, you need to take care of
yourself well. Don’t just buy baby clothes and baby milk bottles in Malaysia for your child.
Think about your pregnancy essentials as well. One of the aspects you must focus on is
maintaining a healthy diet. Eating the right food is the best thing you can to nurture your unborn

What should you eat while pregnant?

A healthy diet is crucial for your health, as well as for the health of the baby inside your tummy.
If you are already eating the right food even before pregnancy, then you wouldn’t have a hard
time dealing with this.

The number one rule here is to avoid unhealthy meals.

If your diet has always included dairy produce and junk food, it’s time to quit for both your

You should eat a variety of healthy food items, from whole grains and pulses (beans, peas and
lentils of various types) to vegetables and fruits.

Know what kind of food to avoid.

Milk, cheese, meat and eggs are high in animal fats and cholesterol. Don’t worry, eating healthy
doesn’t necessarily mean eating boring meals. Research on creative cooking techniques. With the
help of stock cubes, spices, herbs and flavorings like creamed coconut and soya sauce, you can
create exotic, delicious dishes, as well as traditional favorites.